Monday, March 30, 2009

Last payment of the month.

It is incredible how the time goes fast. We are already completing the first quarter of 2009 this week!

I have received another payment (the last of the month obviously) from Matrixmails. This is really one of the best PTC site I have seen this far. Matrixmails' membership upgrades allow the upgraded members to earn up to FOUR TIMES more money for each email read or click performed.

There is also a lucrative ''paid to signup'' section that can really increase your daily earnings. As I write it very often, don't be fooled by the small amount of money I have made myself. I do not login on a daily basis. Anyone willing to spend five minutes a day can make more money than I did in a single month.

--Rewarding account upgrade system--
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Over $30 with Tesas Tea Mails.

Today I have received another payment from Ron at Tesas Tea Mails. This site alone has paid me over $30 since I am a member. You can ask a payout ($2 for a free member) through Paypal or Liberty Reserve.

A ton of contests are running 24/7. There are a lot of rewarding bonuses also. Easy account udgrades are available with the points system. Free referrals with any upgrade. Highly recommended to join as a first try to help familiarize with PTC sites.

Tesas Tea Mails
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Computer + PTC-Forex account update.

It is now a done deal, my old computer is no more, emptied and sent to retirement. I am now running on a great Intel 3.0 dual core and I love it! :)

This is in part why it took so long for me to post new things in here. Now all my data has been transfered on my new computer and I am ready to roll again. I also halted the PTC-Forex account activity two weeks ago after 3 straight weeks of activity during the month of February. I will resume trading with this account in one short week.

Speaking of the PTC-Forex account I opened 5 weeks ago, it is time to see the actual state of the account:

Initial funds invested: $5.00
Account after 2 weeks: $7.07
Week 3 gain/loss: +$3.80 (+53.7%)
Account after week 3: $10.87 (+117.4%)

I took great risks during week 3 and it paid off. A +50% gain in an account during a single week is really an impressive figure. I took great risks ''money management wise''. I used as much as 75% of my account in a single trade at one time. A very risky move that will eventually crush my account if I keep doing it again.

After three straight weeks of trading, I have more than doubled my initial funding. This is the power of Forex trading speaking. Any experienced forex trader can really make unlimited gains with only a few dollars.

As I wrote before, I will continue my demonstration and resume trading on my forex platform 2009 PTC earnings in a short week of time. I will also invest even more funds in this account as many of my PTC sites are due for a routine payout check during the month of April.

I will also give more details on a whole system to make money on the web without investing a single penny out of your pockets. Start from scratch, with no strings attached. You manage your success all the way from ground up.

-''Give a fish to a man and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you will feed him for his entire life.''

I will create a very detailed post in here called ''Success system'' in a couple of weeks. It is a 100% free way to earn money online. Everything you will need to know and every link will be included in this post. Even if you are totally new to all of this, you will have the same basic tools to succeed online.

Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Joining the ''paid me 10+ times'' club.

I have done another routine check on a paying PTC site already in my list.

This site still pays within 24 hours of your request. Don't be fooled by the small amount I have withdrawn from it. There are tons of earning opportunities all over this site.

International offers (10 cents minimum payout)
(paid me 10 TIMES for $1.51 total.) Liberty Reserve

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Good second week.

My PTC-Forex account has grown once again, for the second consecutive week in a row.

As my risk level was lowered, my gains were a little more limited. But I also was unable to trade for a period of 48 hours last week because of sickness. I felt horrible tuesday and wednesday to the point of not being unable to leave my bed.

But all in all it was still a great week for the GBP/JPY buyers like me. Last week, I was able to buy it at 136.00 and close the deal over 140.00. The pair is stagnated up there and could fall a bit before going more up. I will wait for it to go around the 138.00 level before buy it again.

Here are my last week stats:

Initial funds: $5.00
PTC-Forex account at start of the week: $6.33
Last week gain/loss: +$0.80 (+12.6%)
Total gain/loss after 2 weeks: +$2.13 (+42.6%)
PTC-Forex Account today: $7.13

Trading resumes tonight at 5 PM Eastern time.

These figures might not impress you right now but while my Paid To Click earnings continues to come in on a steady basis, my initial $5.00 I have deposited two weeks ago is growing at a respectable pace. Of course, I will eventually inject more funds in this account as more earnings will come in from those sites during the month of March.

I intend to demonstrate the power of Forex trading to you with this exercise. Matched with the possibility of funding a mini-Forex account thru simple clicks on PTC sites, this method truly becomes an UNLIMITED source of online income for any excellent Forex trader.

In a word, YOU can make hundreds of thousands of dollars without spending a single penny out of your pockets.

Have a good week everyone.