Saturday, February 21, 2009

PTC-Forex account: +26.6%!

Yes, it was an incredible first week for my PTC-Forex account that I launched sunday evening.

From the $5.00 I have deposited of my past PTC earnings, I have made $1.33 of profit during the first week alone. I took some risk and it paid off, exactly as planned. Among those risks, I have bought the GBP/JPY below the 131.00 level and closed the deal well over 135.00.

Make money or go home, that was the plan. And it worked pretty good.

The PTC-Forex account today: $6.33 or if you prefer +26.6% from it's origin. I do not expect these kind of results every week and I will reduce the amount of risk also. But all in all it is a good start for this tiny account.

Let's see what the future holds, have a great week dear readers.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First payout of 2009 for Sweet Tooth Mails.

A first automatic payout for this year was performed today by Sweet Tooth Mails. The great thing about automatic payouts is that all you have to worry about is log in your account and click. The site admin takes care of the moment she pays you.

Join today!

Sweet Tooth Mails
Points-to-cash conversion available at any time.
(paid me 5 TIMES for $4.51 total.) Paypal

Monday, February 16, 2009

Change of plan.

Instead of creating a new blog about HYIPs like I first intended, I have decided to keep track of some HYIPs that I will use in here and also keep a record of all investments and interest earnings.

I also opened a $5.00 mini forex account with some of my PTC earnings. I will keep you updated on the account's performance eventually.

But as of right now, I will briefly talk about one of the only HYIP site that actually paid me once I have made some kind of profits.

The Winter Profit offers investments plans starting as low as $1.00!

4% daily interest rate
is the minimum rate on this site and it is ideal to double up your initial capital inside a month of time. Of course, there are also bonuses up to 10% of refferals spendings.

The Winter Profit: Monitored by me since 6/1/09

Initial Capital Invested: $1.00
Paid Withdrawals: 1 for $2.00 total.
Current Capital: $5.90
ROI: +100%

I have never experienced any downtime, I am already in profit, I have been paid inside 48 hours of request. So I have nothing against the site. Let's see if this one stands the test of time. It's lauch was only during the month of December of 2008.

My rating: 3.85/5.00 points. Above average overall.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New addition to my paying PTC list.

Another Paid To Click site is added in my list today.

I have received a first payment from ValePTR. This site performs payouts every weekend and as I reached the minimum amount to ask a payment this week, I decided that it was time to see it ValePTR was paying it's members, and they do.

This is the 12th PTC site that I have added in my paying PTC list and the list will continue to grow on a steady pace. There are already three new sites in my list since the beginning of 2009. ValePTR was good enough to be initially ranked at No 10 in my paying PTC list.

ValePTR has tons of click available every day. Many very interesting contests and bonuses are given to the best clickers every month. Check it out today and start earning cash with a simple click of the mouse.

*Tons of clicks and contests.*
(paid me 1 TIME for $1.08 total.) Liberty Reserve

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Interests and investments part 2: 100% ROI and more.

My first PTC payout earnings of 2009 were invested last month in an online program called a HYIP. (High Yield Investment Program)

The initial capital I have invested has already reached 214% after merely a month! This is absolute awesome performance if you ask me. So instead of continuing without any idea of if this program pays when requested, I decided to test their quickness of response to their payout requests. I left the amount of my initial capital in the system and am currently re-investing it once again.

Of course at the end of 2009 you will see in this blog a new stream of income in my yearly internet earnings results:

This brings me to the creation of my next blog which will pop up on the blogospĥere in the next 48 hours. This kind of information will follow each and every HYIP program that I will personally monitor:

Initial capital invested: $1.00
Account today before withdrawal: $3.10
Withdrawal paid inside 48h of request: $2.00
Account after withdrawal re-invested: $1.10

The new blog will still be hosted by Blogger and it's main topic will be exactly about the HYIP programs.

My blog will not only classify ''Which HYIP pays and which ones are scams?'' type of information. I will also comment about my personal experiences and my personal results with those programs. And of course, how about ''customer care'' I will test some of them just for the kick of it!

I will also search around and try to give as much useful info as there should be about HYIPs. I know it's a huge world but i'll go as always....step by step.

For those of you who already know about what HYIPs are about. You KNOW that we are talking about HIGH RISK INVESTMENTS here. And of course there is high yield possibilities in counterpart. It is always very important to remember that you NEVER INVEST MONEY YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE. This is the only sane way to invest in the first place.

I will create a post in here at the second that my new blog exists to give you a direct link to it.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Routine check on Donkeymails.

DonkeyMails has performed a payout today, and the site is getting closer to my select club of PTC's that paid me at least on ten occasions.

That makes me think that I should very soon make a ''paid me 10 times or more'' list... Until then, you can check out the entire list of PTC that paid me over HERE.

(paid me 8 TIMES for $9.80 total.) Paypal/Liberty Reserve