Friday, January 30, 2009

Two additions to my PTC list.

As promised, I am adding two brand new PTC sites to my growing paying PTC list. Despite being only running for a couple of weeks, those two new sites are paying their members.

My list now contains 11 different ''Paid To Click'' sites and it should continue to grow a little bit more during the month of February as I am still working on a few other sites that are still waiting to be added to my list. As soon as a new payment will be made, I will inform you.

To see my entire paying PTC list, just follow the red link in my sidebar or the red link included earlier in this very post.

So here are those two sites. Both of them are only a few weeks old but are already paying their members. Both sites are managed by the same webmistress. (who is by the way doing a great job...)

The Delighted Penguin
*automatic payouts
(paid me 1 TIME for $0.91 total.) Paypal

Prancing Penguins
*automatic payouts
(paid me 1 TIME for $0.50 total.) Paypal

Both these sites are absolutely free to join. Join today and start earning cash today!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Interests and investments.

This year, I have decided to create a mini forex account for a portion of my PTC earnings in 2009. Some of my earnings will be added into a mini forex account and I will manage it in my spare time.

I will make my first $1.00 deposit in this account the coming days as my next payout is due very soon. From the month of February on, I will keep a report of the amount earned in interests using this method.

I am also preparing another use for my PTC earnings besides this mini account. The other portion not invested in forex trading will also generate interests by using another online form of investment. I will discuss of the details of this other entire blog in February.

Yes, I will create a brand new blog in only a couple of short weeks and of course all the details will be available right here...

Have a nice week.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New stream of income.

I have installed some banners on my blogs during this first week of January.

I have never earned any money using banners on my blogs. I have tried before (with a popular company) and was banned before I reached the high amount selected as minimal payout. I have noticed the low $10 payout through Paypal offered by BidVertiser and decided to try it.

The banners are fully customizable and easy to insert in your page.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Welcome 2009!

Another year is part of history. For some, 2008 has been very difficult with their portfolios, retirement funds and investments. A world-wide economic storm is upon us without any doubt now.

Since last year, I have decided to keep track of my online earnings and to make a yearly report of them. The only requirement to be of my yearly report is to be a free way to earn cash on the internet. I know that there are dozens of earning possibilities over the internet.

I do not cover it all that well this far but I always build forward and add new streams of income each and every six months or so.

A new stream of income was added in 2008 with my registration to SocialSpark. The site is the sister site of PayPerPost and it is an ideal way to earn cash while blogging. Socialspark is a great opportunity to meet bloggers and advertisers and also create new bonds with people from around the globe.

In my opinion, PayPerPost and Socialspark are premium ways to earn thousands of dollars on the internet in very a short amount of time. Those two sites should be once again my main source of revenue in 2009. If things go the way I plan them, I should earn a very interesting amount of money in 2009 with the help of both of these sites. All you need is an english speaking blog containing 20 posts!

Although my level of earnings has dramatically fell off more than 75% from the previous year, I still consider my online activities worth the time spent doing it. When I consider the short amount of time and commitment I allowed to earning cash online in 2008, my results are very satisfying.

The only reason I have not earned more than in 2007 is because of my long absence online from the month of april until the month of september of 2008. I have been inactive for almost 6 months online and it shows in my yearly results. But on the bright side, I have won more money at poker this year. :)

So let's see the numbers for 2008!

PayPerPost: $138.39
SocialSpark: $33.50
Paid to click sites: $30.26
Poker freerolls: $50.00
2008 total: $252.15 (a 77% setback compared to 2007!)

Lets compare with 2007.

PayPerPost: $1002.87
Paid to click sites: $65.56
Poker freerolls: $20.00
Paid links on blog sidebar: $30.00
2007 total: $1118.43

$42.31 has been deducted from my 2007 total because my account with Adsense was banned during 2008 and I never got paid from Google.

My objective for 2009 is simple: Manage to create more income streams on a daily basis during my leisure time and earn over $2000 online without spending a single penny.

I wish to you all a prosperous 2009!