Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Payout round.

This month, I will ask for a payout to the majority of the sites that are contained in my Paying PTC list. I expect them to pay me during the first half of the month.

I will report you who paid and who didn't. I had problems being paid with one of them lately and will report it in details very soon.

And with the closing of nearly 10% of sites contained on my list during the month of april, I have registered to half a dozen more to replenish my list a little bit. I expected to grow my list to at least 20 sites but I think I will start by adding 4 or 5 this year and reach 15.

The reason why I don't add a hundred sites in my list is because I do not have the time to do it AND there are too many sites that takes too long to reach a reasonable amount. Many of those sites aren't even paying at all. I will continue to bring in my list quality, safe and dependable PTC sites only.

With that being said, let's open the month of June with a first payout!

The unique DonkeyMails has paid me for a 14th time. This site is solid and widely known in the PTC world.

DonkeyMails paid me a total of 14 TIMES for $18.22. Payout options includes Paypal/Liberty Reserve only to name those.

Join today and start earning today.

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