Thursday, June 17, 2010

Future Additions To The List.

As my list of Paying PTC Sites grew a bit thin in the last few months, I have decided to register to a few more sites to enlarge my list a little bit. As I am trying them out on a daily basis, some of them are simply not good enough and are rejected. But some of them really show some decent earning potential.

Let me introduce a few of them to you. Notice that I have not reached the minimal payout level this far on any of those sites. The final requirement to make my list is to be a paying site. So none of them will be officially listed until they issued me a payment.

So, here are those list prospects...

-You Cubez- Advertisement with a cube!
Minimum payout
: $6.00

-PeopleString- A ton of offers, games and surveys.
Min. payout
: $25.00

-YouRoMail- Great PTC with regular flow of paid emails.
Min. payout
: $10.00

-Owen's Click Place-
Minimum Payout
: $5.00

Those sites will be placed and ranked in my list as soon as a first payment comes in.

Happy clicking everyone!

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