Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A New Hobby.

I have a new hobby since the beginning of the year and I think that it is appropriate that I write something about it in here at this moment.

Since the beginning of the year, I have started collecting coins and paper money. With the vast amount of different and beautiful coins that we have in here in Canada, it became a very enjoyable hobby for me. There is surprizingly a lot of history (and sometimes precious metal) struck on those coins.

For example, during WWII Canada did not use zinc or nickel (for obvious military reasons) in their coins. In 1943, Canada used a different alloy that almost instantly went as dark as one cent coins. Those five cents coins are very easily spotted among other nickels.

As my collection went bigger and bigger by the week, I had an idea.

Why not use my Paypal PTC earnings to complete my collection? I logged on Ebay and started bidding on interesting coins and paper notes that I could afford. A $2 here and a $5 there until I spent everything...

Well, not exactly. Since I STILL receive PTC earnings thru Paypal each and every month, I always have a little $2 to spare and something to check out.

I have bought coins that I could never come across in my everyday life. For example, I have bought a couple of old Canadian large one cent pieces from the early 1900s and even one of them dates into the late 1880s! I also bought a respectable amount of silver coins.

The networth of my entire collection is already very difficult to approximate and I only am beginning!

I will also create a brand new blog in the coming weeks on the subject. I have started to numerize a couple of interesting pieces and I will post them in there. I will not only write about coins and collecting but I will also show some freak damaged coins that I came across or oxidated coins beyond recognition just for fun.

I have already found a name for the blog and am only a week or so away from being ready to put this new blog alive.

Thank you for reading this, have a great week!

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