Saturday, January 26, 2008

Easy money.

I cannot think of an easier way to make extra cash.

You sign up, click to view the ad and wait for the timer to expire. The webmaster pays fast. (under 48 hours after request)

International offers (10 cents minimum payout)
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No withdraw fees thru Egold.

*Note: The amount earned by myself does not reflect the earning possibilities of this site. I do not login on a daily basis. There are some good paying offers are available on the site.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tesas Teas Mails: Paid me for a 9th time.

Tesas Teas Mails is one of the first Paid To Click site I have joined. And today, it has paid me for the 9th time since I am a member.

The site owner, Ron Cheneler, is a great webmaster. He is very accessible when needed, answers promptly to questions and most important of all, he pays you when you hit the payout button.

TesasTeas Mails
(been paid 9 TIMES for 27.76$ total.) Paypal/Egold
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Tons of clicks available everyday.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Coming soon.

Today I have decided to tell what is up for next week.

First, I will create my very own Forex blog. I already found the blog title and I am also preparing my return to the forex market very soon. So I want to separate all about it from Making sense. The main topic in here is about 100% free ways to make money online from home and I intend to keep it like it is.

The new blog will completely be focused on the market analysis thru japanese cadlestick charting. The early stages of the blog will be more informative and will mostly talk about how to read japanese candlesticks and their patterns in the most simple manner possible. Then, after the educative portion of this blog life will be over, a more practical day-to-day analysis will be posted.

I do not have any expectations as of right now for this new blog coming soon. But there is personnal excitement to be able to discuss about this amazing and powerful analysis tool that are the japanese candlesticks.

Also this week I will upgrade my list of paying Paid To Click sites. A couple of payouts requests have been made last week, and for a couple of them, prooving themselves as paying programs.

Have a profitable week everyone.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

myLot population: 117,123

As I am writing this line,myLot has reached over 110,000 members already.

The concept is interesting: You get paid each time you leave a comment to another myLot members on any topic imaginable. You also get paid for starting a new topic, and you are also paid to refer your family and friends to the site. The community is very friendly and a new topic is created virtually at each and every second.

Or course, joining myLot is absolutely free. It also is a great way to reach out and socialize, talk about current events or anything your heart feels like. Did I mention that you get paid for discussing? Oh yeah I did... :)

Join myLot today!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Social bookmarking, link exchange and content.

As you are getting more used to blogging and/or building your online home business, you come across the same thing over and over again: everyone is looking for the same thing. Traffic, traffic and traffic.

There are many ways to drive traffic to a home page. Some involves logging in and using traffic generator or traffic exchange sites, some involve investing on keywords thru an Adsense campaign. Those options can give quick and very profitable results with the proper strategy. But, one of the downside of it is that you can completely miss the targeted audience with the snap of a finger. You do increase the amount of traffic, but the quality is just not there, poor results discourages many of them.

A business doesn’t build itself overnight. Another option, social bookmarking and link exchange, is very often overlooked by bloggers because it is not yielding an astronomical amount of hits overnight like a paid campaign can.

Blogging does not only involves writing posts and adding affiliate links and icons to your pages. Blogging involves reading other blogs, comment on other blogs and exchange links with other blogs. Social bookmarking, link exchanges and comments leaves backlinks towards your site along the way. Not only this technique helps your Page Rank, the following readers that come across the pages of each and every one you came across and commented/exchanged now have a chance to get to know about your site/blog. Over the course of a hundred different blogs, you would be surprized to know how many people saw your backlink on a daily basis.

Of course, the higher ranked pages will yield better results. And then again, some bloggers out there don’t even have a clue of how valuable a sidebar link or a comment on a popular post can benefit. Those links back to you will not disappear as long as the blog owner keeps it there. Best of all, its all free!

Cost: Your time spent socializing with other bloggers.

Very often, I come across exceptionnal individuals and exceptionnal blogs. The people I come across and their posts show me different point of views and angles. This very often brings me to add more content, more value to the readers. It brings more comments to each and every one of my following posts, more opportunities to exchange with bloggers. A snowball effect.

If any of you would link to exchange a link on your main page with me, you are welcome! :)

Happy blogging.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy new year!

Well, another year has passed us by. 2007 was a good year for internet marketing and home based businesses and we can safely affirm that 2008 will also be a good one.

In 2007 if I count out FOREX trading, which involves investments, I have not paid a single penny in ads or in any kind of membership. I have managed to earn extra cash myself during 2007 with safe, risk-free websites like PayPerPost and Paid to click sites. In many cases, all I had to do is spend 15 to 20 minutes a day while drinking my coffee before heading to work.

I also counted some leisure-money that I accumulated as I also played online poker on my few available leisure time available this year. I only accumulated a few and withdrew some money playing freeroll tournaments this year. Once again, it represents a cost-free way to earn cash online so that is why I am counting it. I really did not play poker at all until lst month during 2007. I was extremely busy and had to cut somewhere...:)

If you add up: 20 minutes a day for a full year, only represents 121.66 hours at the end of the year. The same as 3 weeks of full-time work!

So I really limited my time and money investment into this to its minimum. Only a few minutes a day was available. The extra money at the end is really nice as it helped paying bills all year round. I will probably try to invest a little more time from now on and hope have better results to show next year. :)

Here is a sum of my 2007 earnings. I will exclude FOREX earnings and will only count cost-free ways to earn cash online used by myself during 2007.

PayPerPost: $1002.87
Paid to click sites: $65.56
Adsense banners: $42.31
Poker freerolls: $20.00
Paid links on blog sidebar: $30.00
2007 total: $1160.74

I wish to each and everyone of you a happy and a prosperous new year.