Sunday, April 29, 2007

PayPerPost earnings week 12.

It has been 3 full months since I have joined PayPerPost. This far I have earned $590 in 12 weeks thru my sports blog. Some weeks are better than others but I am far from being the top earner. Colleen C., the top earner this far, she has just hit the $10 000 mark in earnings this month! She earned $10K in less than a full year as a member! Not only she's a great earner, she now is an accomplished blogger. So how much could YOU make while blogging?

I think that it is a great opportunity for any level of bloggers. Some paid offers are really fun to complete as sometimes we get paid to spread a crazy rumor or tell a simple joke. Most of the time, bloggers find very interesting paying opportunities to blog about. There is also the guaranteed $1000 opportunity for any member every tuesday since the beginning of april.

The community is great, as the exchanges between the members thru the company forum happen everyday. New topics are open frequently and be assured that the community is alive and fun.

Join PayPerPost today and get paid to blog about the things you love!

My Agloco network tripled!

This month of april has been very good for my Agloco network and I didn't find a single new referral! One of the person I referred has been very active this month and my network went from 5 referrals to 15 in 3 weeks! So my january, february and march promoting work paid off.

So without spending more efforts my network tripled! I can't wait for the Agloco toolbar to be released.

Join the Agloco community today! It's free!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Paying PTC list.

I am updating and adding each program that paid me here with either Paypal or Liberty Reserve.

A more complete and updated list, more sites and more cash HERE.

-1- Tesas Tea Mails
Cash click contests every month
(paid me 12 TIMES for $31.82 total) Paypal/Liberty Reserve

Ad Paid
*Winner of the 2008 Been paid award!*
(paid me 4 TIMES for $21.64 total) Paypal

-3- DonkeyMails
One of the most popular PTC site out there!
(paid me 15 TIMES for $20.32 total) Paypal/Liberty Reserve

-4- Matrixmails
Tons of earning opportunities every day thru the ''paid to signup'' section --Rewarding account upgrade system--
(paid me 5 TIMES for $13.27 total) Paypal

-5- Jaguar cash
Points-to-cash conversion available at any time.
(paid me 10 TIMES for $8.69 total) Paypal

-6- Sweet Tooth Mails
Points-to-cash conversion available at any time.
(paid me 8 TIMES for $7.48 total) Paypal

*Tons of clicks and contests*
(paid me 4 TIMES for $4.92 total) Paypal/Liberty Reserve

(paid me 6 TIMES for $5.65 total) Paypal

-9- Awesomeemails4u
Points-to-cash conversion available at any time
(paid me 5 TIMES for $3.18 total) Paypal

-10- International offers (10 cents minimum payout)
(paid me 14 TIMES for $2.20 total) Liberty Reserve

The Delighted Penguin (SITE CLOSED)
(paid me 2 TIMES for $1.93 total) Paypal

Prancing Penguins (SITE CLOSED)
(paid me 2 TIMES for $1.51 total) Paypal


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jaguar cash pays.

Jaguar cash is one of the good old PTC that is paying random payments from the moment you get over 0.50$ in your account balance.

I have been a member a long time ago and hooked back with them. A good way to get some Egold in your account. Very often, you get paid before you reach the minimum payout ($4.00)

I have been paid 3 TIMES for $3.34 total.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Agloco about to release their toolbar.

On the company blog, it is said that the first Agloco toolbar will be released 50 000 toolbars a day starting with the members who signed up first. The first version of the toolbar is said to be released during the current month. I have been a member since january 14th so maybe I have an inside track on some other members. This month I have received my first extended member in my network!

Be a part of Agloco during this pre-launch phase. It's free.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Under 500 000 Alexa.

My original blog, overtime has just scored under 500 000 in Alexa rankings without traffic generator help. The backlinks are increasing from other bloggers and traffic has tripled last years performances already. More updates are in sight before the end of april.

Many thanks to every reader.

For pay-to-click links earners, there will be updates here and links new PTR and PTC that really pays. A good way to build a sweet e-gold account even from scratch!

I am also asking payments this month from those paid-to-click sites:

TesasTeas Mails
(been paid 7 TIMES for 23.45$ total.) Paypal/Egold
Cassandras clicks
(been paid 3 TIMES for 15.00$ total.) Paypal/Egold
Ad Paid
(I have been paid 1 TIME for 5.00$ total.) Paypal/Egold
TeddyBear clicks
(never been paid so far.)

Start earning gold today,everyday in a few minutes a day!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

500$ at the 10th week.

I just got over the 500$ with PayPerPost during what is the 10th week of my adhesion. They started 1k tuesday yesterday. Where there is a 1 000$ opportunity up for grabs for the members on every tuesday. I also saw a few 100$ opportunities that just flew by in my face. :)

I'll be watching more closely next tuesday for those 1k Tuesdays!