Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Transition Month.

Hello all,

    July is already over. I realize that it has been one month already since I have posted anything in here. In the most part because I have been busy building a brand new blog about the Walt Disney World resort experience called Land Of Dreams. I have also began exploring the world of cost-free affiliate marketing. I am still learning lots everyday, and still looking to setup lucrative campaings. It is still a brand new venture for me, so I will give it more time soon.

    It has also been a transition month on the PTC side of things as I only cashed out for $4.03 total in July 2013, bringing my overall PTC earnings just over the $170.00 mark. But I have added 2 new entries in my paying PTC list as No 5 and 6 are now filled. I will at least fill up the list to position No 8 during the month of August while this list should extend over and over...

    Speaking of August, it should be a very lurative month for me as the majority of my PTC accounts, with some of them handing out their very first payout to me, have reached their respective cashout maturity. This could be one of my best month on the PTC side of things since a long long time, and it starts tomorrow. I will post the results as they come.

    Have a great month of August!


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