Monday, July 01, 2013

My Brand New List!

After a couple of months, I am now ready to re-launch my list. Note that EVERY SITE in this list is a Paying Paid To Click Site! Each one of them is free to join and has paid ME in my Paypal account.

-1- ClixSense
(paid me 3 TIMES for $34.62 total) Paypal

(paid me 2 TIMES for $5.68 total) Paypal

-3- DonkeyMails
(paid me 18 TIMES for $25.60 total) Paypal

-4- JillsClickCorner 
(paid me 4 TIMES for $6.27 total) Paypal

 -5- CashNHits
(paid me 2 TIMES for $5.04 total) Paypal

-6- Incentria
(paid me 1 TIME for $1.03 total)  Paypal

-7- coming soon
-8- coming soon

OTHERS: $109.53

This above, is the total amount in cashouts that came from PTC sites that are either no longer running, that I left after a cashout because of their low potential or that are not in activity anymore.

Total PTC earnings: $184.25

As you can see there is a fair amount of money to be made with PTC sites. The results shown here are my personal results without any referral in my downlines until today.

I will add more sites on my list in the coming days as a couple of them are due to bring in their first cashout. As soon as they will deliver their first payment, I will add them in my list.

If you are not already a member of those sites, just click on the links above and register today for free!

Thank you for watching.

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