Saturday, December 27, 2008

Additions to come.

As I prepare for 2009, I came up with a few resolutions for this blog.

First of all, my paying PTC list will be cleaned up, updated and refreshed. Then more paying sites will be added to the list during the early part of 2009. At least five new PTC sites are on trial right now and they will be added as soon as a first payment will be made. The list should grow, and double early next year, to at least 15 to 20 paying PTC sites before the year is over.

Then there will be more posts than the actual rate of 2007 and 2008. Different ways to earn cash online without investing a single penny will be discussed, tried and tested in 2009. And for those of you already aware of this world, you know that this site is (this far) only merely scratching the surface.

Online affiliate marketing is another lucrative way to earn cash online. No doubt. But for some affiliates, investments including ad costs are included in their strategy. For the present moment, it is the only reason why online affiliate marketing has not been a topic on this blog.

For the same reasons earlier last year, I have decided to pull the forex trading articles and posts away from Making Sense. A blog will be dedicated to forex trading and another one for online affiliate marketing to maintain a good and clear topic segmentation beween my blogs.

At the end, the sole purpose is to create a multitude of income streams for myself. And that is for free. My online newtork is still in a basic shape but I am steadily building it forward.

For example, if a single blog brings in $250.00 a year (and that is really a basic thing to achieve), a hundred of blogs (and a lot of spare time to add content to each of them...:) ) will potentially bring in $25 000.00 a year.

I wish to you all a prosperous year 2009.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy holidays!

I wish to all of you a happy holiday season.

Just before the end of the year, I did a routine check and asked three payouts from PTC sites already listed and proven payers. This will probably be my last payment of the year and this will complete my year 2008.

My year-end summary for 2008 will be coming up around December 31st. I will directly compare 2007 and 2008 and comment.

So, to end this month of December, I invite you to become a free member of Jaguar cash, Awesomeemails4u and Sweet Tooth Mails, click and read a few ads every day and start earning cash from the comfort of your home, today.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crowning a new quickest earner.

It had to happen sooner or later. By adding a couple of new Paid To Click sites to my list of Paying PTC sites, a new quickest earner emerged. And this fabulous site is Matrixmails.

Matrixmails has a very rewarding account upgrade system. Any user that upgrades his free membership to a gold membership will earn FOUR TIMES more money for every click or email read compared to a free account user.

Don't be fooled by the amount of money that I have made with this site. The potential of earnings on Matrixmails is very interesting. If you ever want to make some money on the internet without doing much or investing a penny, Matrixmails is a must visit for you.

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