Friday, October 26, 2007

A success story.

Nobody knows what awaits them around the corner, a good example that sometimes you have to be flexible to succeed comes from's story.

At it's very beginning, was a simple everyday plumbing comapany like thousands of others. But after a couple of months, they realized that a lot of demand among plumbers about sales techniques and courses and how they could do better their own business using better sales management.

Now offering a couple of Sales Training Courses all around the United Kingdom, has evolved in a plumbing school.

Sometimes when the opportunity knocks, your own company can take a new and successful direction. If you are looking for more ingormation, visit

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Keeping it rolling ahead.

Stability and consistency is key in the FOREX world. Last week was a profitable one once again, upgrading my record to 5 profitable weeks out of 6 since the re-launch of my FOREX account. But a small dip in the performances are detected. Nothing really alarming, just asking for more focus and attention by my part before opening a position. I have made a couple of bad trades, a thing I keep on doing once a week. Last week was wednesday, registering a -105 pip day. This explains in part why I stand under 90% profitable trade this month.

The road ahead looks good anyway, a little bit more rigor in my work will pay it's dividends. As soon as I will achieve this, I will set a new single week record. I can feel it coming soon.

Here are my stats as of today:

Profitable trade % this week: 89.06% (57/64) (+477 pips)
Profitable trade % this month: 89.10% (139/156) (+1103 pips)

Profit/loss this week: +5.58%
Profit/loss this month: +15.41%

Profit/loss Yearly (including 3 account crashes): +9.56%

P.S. Every position is potentially dangerous. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose in the FOREX markets.

2007 PayPerPost earnings.

I haven't talked a lot about PayPerPost lately but the company has made it across it's first full year this summer and the number of advertisers and opportunities are now very interesting for many posties.

As I myself joined the team of PPP posties this january, my monthly earnings have fluctuated from a few bucks to a few hundreds of dollars a month, depending on my level of activity. As I am writing these lines, my total PayPerPost earnings for this year has reached $979.05

Just a few more sponsored posts and I will go over the $1000 earnings level this year. The amount of very interesting opportunities is increasing month after month. Some very well known companies are starting to use the blog medium and PayPerPost to spread the word on the internet.

I wish a long and healthy life to PayPerPost and all the advertisers who use this medium. Not to mention the many success stories among the advertisers with their creative campaign.

If you own a blog for more than 90 days and if it contains more than 20 posts, you can join PayPerPost for free and start earning cash for blogging each and every day.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Are payday lenders useful for you?

Payday lenders are located everywhere and have also recently increased their online presence. Are you the type of person that ever needed a payday loan service? I know some people that used those services very often and never ranted about it.

I have never had to use a payday loan service before. So I cannot have a biaised opinion about them. I understand that some offer decent rates while other can ruin more than help. offers free quotes about any kind of personal loan or cash advance inquiry. If you are looking for a payday lender (because sometimes the course of events requires an emergency immediate amount of money) then take a look at A directory of lenders is available for free. A newsletter from is also available.

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Record week.

A fifth week with my new and improoved FOREX account, a fourth profitable week out of five. This week has been particulary good on earnings. The work was solid but a few holes in the strategy kept me under the 90% profitable trade barrier.

Here are my stats for this first week of october:

Profitable trade % this week: 89.13% (+626 pips)

Profit/loss this week: +9.83%

Profit/loss yearly (including 3 account crashes) : +2.61%

As you can notice in my yearly stat, I have made back all the money I lost learning forex. This week marks a new step in my trading career. Every pip won is profit for me from now on. A very interesting phase...

One thing I am proud of: I have made pips and money on the USD/CAD pair when everybody said to long the pair. The USD/CAD is going down BUT not for technical reasons. Every technical trader has shouted long! a long time ago already. But still, it is now dropping under 0.9900 and to 0.9800 today. The technical analysis is not enough, its going down for fundamental reasons, nothing else. And there are many fundamental reasons backing up this downward push. The oil prices and the vigor of the canadian economy versus the United States since many months now.

So in a word, do not only base decisions on technical analysis. Many learned it the hard way this week once again...I am sure of that.

P.S. Every FOREX position is potentially dangerous. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose in FOREX.