Saturday, February 07, 2015

Earning Cash For Playing Games!

Hello everyone,

   I haven't posted anything in here in a long time but I have found an easy way to make some extra cash for free... while playing a game!

   I have stumbled on them a while ago and already have made a first REAL MONEY withdrawal. In short, the profits you make inside the games can be transferred into real money, which you can later on withdraw.

   Both of these games are from ESS and are absolutely free to play.

   Those games are:

   Goal Tycoon: A sport-based management game in which you control your very own soccer franchise. Yes guys, those soccer fans out there, you get to control every aspect of your franchise; players, training, stadium, parking lot, ticket prices and many many more. But best of all, you can also profit from it and get some real cash on the side. If you are like me and crave on these kind of games, you won't regret registering to this one. Sign up for free HERE.

   Market Glory: This one is the longest running of the two games I have stumbled on. It consists on managing your very own financial empire.Work, get elected to the government, start your own business, invest, produce goods or else. Players have the opportunity to convert the profits into real money, and withdraw it. Sign up for free HERE.

   I have BEEN PAID 1 TIME for $20.37 Paypal.

   Have a good day, and have fun!

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