Thursday, June 27, 2013

A New Addition.

This week, I have received a cashout from a very good Paid to Click site that did not noticed before. It's potential is interesting and should keep itself above average.

I have been paid for the first time by CashNHits and I am adding this great site to my list permanently. I will post my newest version of my personal Paying PTC List in here on July 1st. I am still finding new sites to tryout, as I wish to expand my list a bit more. There are litterally hundreds of PTC sites and it is very easy to lose focus, and valuable time.

CashNHits has paid me ONCE for $2.52 total.

Register yourself at CashNHits today for free by clicking here.

I also received two more cashouts today from ClixSense and Neobux, two of my favorites. With those 3 cashouts, my earnings have exceeded the month of May. 

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Reinvesting my PTC earnings.

As I stated in my last posts, I started to cashout some Paid To Click earnings. That money was sent into my Paypal account. With this money I sometimes transfer it into my personal bank account.

But I also found a nice way to garnish my personal coin collection by making some purchases on Ebay. With my PTC earnings, I browse around Ebay and grab a few highly collectible coins here and there.

My last purchase: A beautiful Canadian 2013 Specimen Dime that was shipped to me this week.

As I will continue to bring new cashouts in the coming days, I will have plenty of money in my Paypal account to enhance my coin collection even more.

Some first-time payouts that will be added to my Paying PTC List are coming soon.

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Got paid today?

Today I have received yet another payment from one of my favorite Paid To Click site, Donkeymails.

This site has been paying it's members for years without any problem. For those of you who are still looking around, unsure and trying to find a reliable paid to click site, let me tell you that with Donkeymails you will be paid EVERY TIME, on time.

Donkeymails has paid me 17 TIMES for $24.25 total.

Join Donkeymails today for free!

I am currently working on my new paying PTC list. I will post it in here in a couple of weeks.

As I am still adding many new sites to my tryout list, I have performed 3 cashouts and have been paid $13.25 in my Paypal account during the month of May. Not bad, but there is still room for more. I am registering myself to new sites and my earnings level should also pick up soon.

Have a great week everyone!