Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Penguins Pulls The Plug.

The latest victims of the global economic crisis this week were PTC sites contained in my Paying PTC List.

I am sad to inform you that the PTC sites named Prancing Penguins and The Delighted Penguin disappeared from the web this week. As the site owner stated in his last message, the lack of advertisers came into play in the decision.

Almost every dollar that were paid to the members since day one came from the site owner's pockets, making it impossible to profit from the site normal activity.

I have withdrawn a few dollars from those sites ($3.44 total) and I will keep them in my list, but will deactivate the automatic hyperlinks of those two as they become obsolete.

The Delighted Penguin paid me 2 TIMES for $1.93 total. Paypal
Prancing Penguins paid me 2 TIMES for $1.51 total. Paypal

Thank you to the owners and good luck in your future ventures.

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