Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Online Earnings.

This year 2009 has been a year of restructuration for everyone including myself. PayPerPost, who was a premier source of income has restructured and many advertisers switched to Socialspark, an improved version of PPP.

The promises of an economic recovery in 2010 makes us think that maybe the worse is behind us.

Here are my 2009 online earnings. I really think that I cannot earn less during a year except if I quit my online activities completely. I really expect a better year in 2010.

SocialSpark: $70.00
: $34.55
Paid to click sites: $34.21
Poker freerolls: $40.00
HYIPs: $1.00
2009 total: $179.76 (a 29% setback compared to 2008!)

So lets see the numbers for 2008.

PayPerPost: $138.39
SocialSpark: $33.50
Paid to click sites: $30.26
Poker freerolls: $50.00
2008 total: $252.15 (a 77% setback compared to 2007!)

Lets compare with 2007.

PayPerPost: $1002.87
Paid to click sites: $65.56
Poker freerolls: $20.00
Paid links on blog sidebar: $30.00
2007 total: $1118.43

-All in all, my online activities have earned me over $1550.00 in those first three years. I have never invested a penny and anyone willing to spend a few minutes of time every day could earn a lot more in a lot less time.

Happy 2010 all!

Last Payouts of 2009.

Here they are, the last payouts of 2009. This year has gone so fast that it seems that I haven't accomplished anything.

But when I stop and look back at what was my year 2009, I find interesting that despite my lower amount of earnings compared to 2008 and even worse if I compare to 2007, I sense a shift of traffic between my different blogs. Those who once were drawing more traffic are fading while others improved.

This humble blog for example had terrible traffic stats and was earning virtually nothing at the beginning. But with the addition of new content it has steadily improved since. I have added a few banners on my sidebar and hope to gather some sort of payout next year.

There will be brand new content in 2010 in here. I will really increase the activity of this site. I will monitor more PTC sites, I will add even more brand new articles on how to earn cash online and I will also unveil an unlimited wealth system available at no cost for virtually anyone.

But enough for now, here are the PTC sites that reached payout in December:

Prancing Penguins
-automatic payouts-
(paid me 2 TIMES for $1.51 total) Paypal

One of the most popular PTC site out there!
(paid me 12 TIMES for $15.35 total) Paypal/Liberty Reserve

Happy 2010 to all!