Friday, August 21, 2009

Welcome Donkeymails to the paid me 10 times club.

DonkeyMails has paid me on 10 different occasions and joins my select ''Paid me 10 times club''. The club is so select that I haven't made the list of those sites yet.


Paid To Click sites that paid me 10+ times:

-1-Tesas Tea Mails
(paid me 12 TIMES for $31.82 total.)
(paid me 15 TIMES for $20.32 total.)
-3-Jaguar cash
(paid me 10 TIMES for $8.69 total) Paypal
-4-International offers
(paid me 14 TIMES for $2.20 total.)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Automatic payouts.

I have received another automatic payout from Sweet Tooth Mails. This site has paid me on a constant basis and I can count on it. Join today and see for yourself.

Sweet Tooth Mails (Edskers family)
Points-to-cash conversion available at any time.
(paid me 6 TIMES for $5.59 total) Paypal