Sunday, April 19, 2009

Two for one.

Yesterday, I received two random payments from sites already on my paying PTC sites list.

Those sites pay randomly once you reach the minimum amount. The webmasters operating those sites are looking to satisfy their members and are paying regularly. Those qualities are difficult to find on the internet.

Jaguar cash
--Random payouts--
Points-to-cash conversion available at any time.
(paid me 8 TIMES for $8.07 total) Paypal

--Random payouts--
Points-to-cash conversion available at any time
(paid me 4 TIMES for $2.57 total) Paypal

Monday, April 13, 2009

New payment.

This weekend, another payment was received from DonkeyMails.

This site is one of the most reliable site on the internet. You know you will get paid month after month as they perform their payments every two weeks. You never wait too long to get paid.

(paid me 9 TIMES for $10.97 total) Paypal/Liberty Reserve

Try it today.