Saturday, July 26, 2008

New additions to the PTC list.

I have found some more PAYING PTC SITES so I have just added Sweet Tooth Mails and Awesomeemails4u to my list which now contains 8 paying and reliable PTC sites. A couple other sites are now being tested by myself and will be added as soon as a payment hits my account.

Sweet Tooth Mails and Awesomeemails4u are operated by the same webmasters that are currently running Jaguar cash. The payouts on Sweet Tooth Mails are similar to the other sites operated by this webmaster. Once your account go past 50 cents, you are eligible for a random payout.

For those not familiar with PTC sites (paid to click) I must say that earning on these sites is really, really easy. All you have to do is click on a link and wait for your account to be credited. That's all! You logon for about 3 minutes a day and sometimes you get paid without even asking!

Sweet Tooth Mails
-Random payouts from $0.50
Got paid 3 TIMES for $1.93 total. Paypal

-Random payouts from $0.50
Got paid 2 TIMES for $1.07 total. Paypal