Sunday, February 17, 2008

No-minimum, just a breeze behind.

Only a few hours behind Donkeymails, No-Minimum, has performed their mass payouts this weekend. I have joined this program only a few weeks ago but after trying it on a daily basis, I can tell you that this site is as good as any other Paid To Click site.

The number of daily paid mails available is still increasing.
Free to join
Minimum Egold withdrawal: 0.01$
(been paid 2 TIMES for $1.32 total.) Egold

Note: The amount earned by myself does not reflect the maximum amount of money a daily user can gather on this site. The reason is simple: I do not logon on a daily basis.

Donkeymails, the quickest in february.

For this month, I have requested payouts from at least five different PTC sites. The fastest payout in my Egold account this month has come from DonkeyMails.

--FREE to join--

( been paid 7 TIMES for $8.21 total.) Paypal/Liberty Reserve

Don't wait and join this great site for free.