Saturday, December 15, 2007

Steadily paying ptc.

Here are the 3 paid to click sites that best performed lately. Those sites are part of my paying ptc sites list and are the ones who paid the fastest after a request during this very month of december 2007.

All three of them can bring in a lot more that what I am displaying as my personnal earnings. My frequency of login to each and every one of them is not on a daily basis.


--FREE to join--
No fee withdrawal thru
1 cent minimum Egold payout.
( been paid 3 TIMES for $3.31 total.) Paypal/Egold (newest addition to my list)
Free to join
Minimum Egold withdrawal: 0.01$
(been paid 2 TIMES for $1.32 total.) Egold

International offers(10 cents minimum payout)
(been paid 5 TIMES for $0.57 total.) Egold

Joining those sites is absolutely free.