Friday, August 13, 2010

Still Rolling At

A new payout came today from

This site keeps the pace in my personnal list while it's payout record has been impressive over the course of the last few years. A few problems were encountered a couple of months ago but everything was repaired and the normal activities resumed.

I invite you to join this site. It takes only a few seconds of your time daily and you can be assured that you will be paid quickly.
(paid me 6 TIMES for $5.65 total) Paypal

*Anyone can earn significally more than the result shown up here. My frequency of login has been reduced.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Trying Out Cashium.

In my search for more PTC sites, I came across an interesting program called Cashium.

This site is still in it's early stages but, in my opinion, should elevate itself quickly among the best. The site is clear, easy on the eyes and does not harass you with countless turing numbers to confirm you are not a bot.

Like every other PTC site, you can start picking up friends and direct referrals to boost your level of income. I also found a nice promotion banner that gives to the reader your actual stats.

Here it is:

Those figures represent my own personal stats since I joined the program. I found this a very ingenious promotion tool.

In fact, the whole site opens the door to great new twists to this PTC world in the future.

Join Cashium today and be right now a part of this new element in the PTC world.