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Friday, February 16, 2007

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

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Friday, February 09, 2007

How does an internet revolution start? by haroldbbbg1619

How Does an Internet Revolution Start?

February 5th, 2007 by haroldbbbg1619

I call my blog The AGLOCO Revolution – a better name might have been The Internet Revolution. I think AGLOCO is just going to ‘ride the wave’ of a Revolution that is happening.

The Revolution is that the Users of the Internet are the Creators of the Internet and should be the Owners of the Internet. And I mean this in the truly capitalistic way.

AGLOCO is not a socialist idea (no socialist would ever use the referral system to reward the builders of member network). No, AGLOCO is a very capitalist idea. (the company has a bunch of Stanford MBA’s working for it – they are capitalists I am pretty sure).

So how does it start?

Look around… You are starting it.

Like most revolutions the AGLOCO Revolution has been coming along for years. My previous post notes that Bill Gates was advocating paying users almost a year before the AGLOCO pre-launch website was posted on the Internet. And in 1999, some of the AGLOCO founders started and it paid over $100 million to its members in less than two years - but it was owned by a bunch of venture capitalists and AGLOCO will be owned by its members. YouTube’s announcement that they will pay for content is not new. It is just a step along the trail (but even in YouTube, Google owns the company – not the user/creators.)

Yes – You are starting this revolution.

Check the community that has arisen in 80 days: — Google stats – 1,240,000 pages of search results – 125,000 blogger’s posts.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

More and more join Agloco! See some top users results!

AGLOCO Top Gun Top Ten
February 1, 2007

#1 David Lawrence 15,359 Members
#2 RZ McC. 12,519 Members
#3 John Chow 3,611 Members
#4 Yogesh Subhanand 2,139 Members
#5 Geoff Schenk 1,683 Members
#6 Valerie Underhill 1,464 Members
#7 Dr.Daniel Trainor 1,408 Members
#8 'giteshdev'
1,234 Members
#9 Well Begun Marketing 1,200 Members

And you can be a part of this while this is all still in Beta testing!

Amazing results by real people that will earn their shares of AGLOCO. You can too join and YOU TOO own a part of this great company in becoming. Feel free to read all about in the company blog for detailed info.